Monitoring prasy, monitoring radia, monitoring telewizji, monitoring Internetu, monitorowanie mediów

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press monitoring, Internet monitoring, radio monitoring, TV monitoring

Media monitoring for your company

Save your time and money!!!

Why waste hours of your precious time every morning reading newspapers or watching the TV to update yourself on the latest news and keep the finger on the pulse of your business?

We will do it for you!

This - and more!

We offer services of modern and complete monitoring of press, the Internet, radio and TV. In 2000, combining latest IT developments and solutions with the expertise of professional journalists and other specialists, we were the first in Poland to offer the media monitoring services on the Internet. For you we will monitor the media in search of keywords and phrases related to your company. We will find the articles including the name of your company, your subsidiaries, partners or competitors, as well as texts touching upon issues connected with particular industries and businesses. We may also find advertisements and announcements posted by you or your competitors.

Reading the newspapers with us is a real pleasure!!!